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Today is a day to celebrate, finally the CROONATOR 2000 is ready to fly and I have over 30 minutes of vocaltronica improvisation just out of the toaster. Now you're wondering wtf? is the CROONATOR 2000 ... well since I've published my first album This is Vocaltronica! in 2008 and after some infamous performances many friends told me that I had to bring my sounds to the live. The truth is that it was not so simple because the equipment I had at that time and with the amount of effects I use would not have allowed me to make a live performance as I wanted.

It has been many years of trial and error that have passed and also many midi controllers that ended up sold because they did not serve what I wanted, as well a few terrible laptops and sound cards that did not size, catastrophic updates and hard drives that have perished but after years of research into Ableton I found a simple but effective configuration of midi controllers that fits in a backpack which are programmed to do what I want. Using an alien color code now is easy to have an idea of what button makes what. So all this come from the old idea that with current technology I should be able to create music only using my voice on the fly. I guess Beardyman and some other buddies like Hyperpotamus already advanced me on the right years ago but "it is never late if the music is good" right? ... so yes, That Crooner is officially back!


released July 29, 2017

Al Da Tosta plus Javier Diez Ena and AZ Rotator for the inspiration over these years and Robert from Sugar Bytes for making this possible.




That Crooner Barcelona, Spain

That Crooner from Nowhere is my solo vocal project. This project is heavily inspired in acapella music, beatboxing and overdubbing techiques but also opened to sampling, sound manipulation and the use of electronics as a vehicle to express this vocal madness. ... more

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Track Name: Croonator 2000 pt.1
use your imagination
Track Name: Croonator 2000 pt.2
use your imagination